QianHui Brand Sheep Placenta Wolf berry Capsules

This product is a health food made from sheep placenta,wolfberry and starch as the main raw materials. It has been proved through animal function test that this product has health function of enhancing immunity capability. Main Ingredients: Sheep placenta, wolfberry, starch
Using Method and Dosage: The total amino acids: 15g per 100g
Health Function: Enhancing immunity capability
Appropriate Crowd: low immunity
Not Appropriate Crowd: Young children, pregnant and lactating women
Dosage and Method: Twice daily,each time 2 grains
Specification: 450 mg/grain
Shelf life: 24 months
Storage method: Sealed,placed in a cool dry place
Matters needing attention: this product does not take place of drugs
Approval Number: Country Food Healthy Character G20090384
Executive Standard: Q/QHJK0002S
The Consignor: Yinchuan Economic&technology Development Zone Qianhui Health Biological Co.,Ltd.
Address: Kangdi Road 148#,Jinfeng District Industrial Park,Yinchuan,China.
Tel: +86 951 5660889
Web: www.deviowa.com
Note:This product can not be instead of medication